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Math Tutoring

Math was always one of my favorite subjects in school; I loved (and still do!) learning how the different concepts fit together and intertwine. When teaching math I approach it from this same angle, showing the student not just how to work the problems but how the different pieces all come together to make the whole thing work. In my experience this makes math much more interesting. In this same vein, I enjoy showing my students mathematical oddities and curiosities; this makes it way more fun.

Most of my tutoring sessions last one hour, though sometimes they will run 60-75 minutes (at no extra charge) since the time is less important to me than ensuring that the student gains a robust understanding of the material.

ACT/SAT Tutoring

Scoring well on the ACT and/or SAT can help you get admitted to your dream school! Additionally, many schools offer scholarships based off your standardized test scores, so a high score on the ACT or SAT can save you a lot of money in the long run as well. For both tests, I use prep curriculums developed by a great tutor and friend. It's typically a 12 week program with one 1 hour meeting per week, though it's flexible and can be compressed as necessary. The program involves strategies for approaching each section of the test, strategies for approaching the test as a whole, and lots and lots of practice! By taking many practice tests, we can not only improve your skill at answering the questions but also reduce feelings of unfamiliarity and intimidation from the test. This way, on test day there are no surprises.

I will do my best to help you excel on the ACT, but like all tutoring the results will be proportional to how much effort the student puts into the work. Because of this I can't guarantee a score improvement for every student, but every student I've had who's put good effort into it has seen great results! One of my students improved his ACT score from a 26 to a 30, securing a scholarship of $76,000 across his four years of college!

Programming Tutoring

Even more so than math, computers and programming have always been a huge interest of mine. I got my bachelor's degree in computer engineering and while I'm not working directly in the field, I still love computers as a hobby. I can tutor programming in C, Java, C#, Python, and other languages upon request. I can also teach IT and computer troubleshooting/repair, or Linux usage and system administration. I've been mainly focusing on tutoring math and ACT prep since that's what most students need, but I would absolutely love to tutor programming to more people. It's certainly the most fun subject!

You might find it interesting to learn that this website is hosted on my desktop computer at home. That is, when you access gladstone.digital, you're actually accessing my home desktop computer! In all honesty this isn't anything impressive as it's fairly straightforward to set up, but it's something out of the ordinary.

IT Services for Home and Small Business

I've always been interested in computers, always one to fiddle and tweak with computers' inner workings. Between my bachelor's degree in computer engineering and my own experience with trial and error, I've developed a strong understanding of the full stack of computer operation: from the low level hardware on up through high level software. Understanding how these components interact with each other enables me to diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly.

I work on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and can find a resolution for most any problem that will occur. I can work on personal computers or do either one-off or contract work for small businesses. Additionally, I can be your small business's IT consultant and help you determine which solutions will best fit your needs.

My primary goal is to complete the job with as little cost to you as reasonably possible. I'll fix the issue and apply any available performance optimizations, but I won't waste your time and money on unnecessary work.

Send me an email or give me a call if this sounds helpful to you. I look forward to working with you!

Hi, my name's Ben Gladstone! I graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a BS degree in Computer Engineering in 2015. I worked at Intel for a while through college and a bit after in various roles such as test automation, firmware development, and driver development, but soon found that the corporate life doesn't really fit my personality. After leaving Intel, I started my own business serving people through tutoring and computer repair.

Since becoming self-employed in 2016, I've found that helping people with their computers and teaching math and programming is an extremely rewarding job. I really enjoy not just providing high quality services, but also building friendships with my clients and students.

Whether you're interested in tutoring for yourself or your children, or for IT services/consulting for your home or small business, I'm excited to help you out and find solutions that meet your needs as best as possible! Send me an email or give me a call and we can get started; there are links for both in the website's footer.

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"We have used Ben to tutor two of our kids in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. He is good at making difficult math concepts easy to understand. He is encouraging and will patiently work concepts from many angles until the student has a firm grasp of the material."

-Stacie B.

"His work with my daughter showed not only in math but across the board. He helped build up confidence in her own skills. Ben has been invaluable to our daughter's success in school. She went from failing to taking honors courses!"

-Nishay A.

"My daughter has loved having Ben as a tutor. He can teach difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He makes math interesting. We have tried other tutors but Ben is the best. My daughter said she learns more from Ben in one hour, than she did from another tutor in 3 hours."

-Cindy P.

"Ben was able to explain Freshman Math to our daughter in a way she could understand that she was not receiving in the classroom. He is extremely knowledgeable but relatable. I highly recommend his tutoring services."

-Jeanine S.